The Autumn Advantage

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maple leavesIn West Tennessee, we’ve REALLY had the best of autumn all month long. It was warm, breezy, sunny, rainy, foggy, cool—-but most of all the weather was bearable to enjoy days outside on the lawn, behind the camera lens, in front of the camera lens, outside picking pecans, etc. The paper piles on my desk that date back to September might be a little indication of just how much time we spent outside this fall.

oak treesWith less than three weeks of fall left, we’ve gathered more than half of the of leaves out of our yard (with physical labor of actually raking them), the pecans are dwindling down to just a few that the squirrels are hiding, summer flower pots have been stored, potato vines have been pulled, etc. As the soggy ground dries up this week, we have to make our rounds again to make sure that branches are picked up and that the yard/exterior of the house is ready for winter. But among the list of chores, we’ll find time to play too.

duck watersOn Thanksgiving Day, my husband (Litsa’s) took us out on ‘flooded field’ waters to show our daughter what the duck blind he had built for a client looked like. She was mesmerized at all that she was able to experience that day. I was along for the ride but the longer we stayed outside, the more I relaxed. It was advantageous to put down my to do list and just enjoy the wonder of nature——–of time together!

the autumn sky

Before winter’s arrival, I’d encourage you to take time to take advantage of the beauty of autumn. Enjoy it’s lingering glory. And if winter’s embrace is a part of your daily race already, take time to bundle up and enjoy winter wonders. I’m sure they’re wavering nearby. Don’t miss the beauty of the world around you. I have the luxury of spending many of my hours on any way that I’d like to spend them but in order to keep the budget in check, I often choose to just step outside my door to see what God has in store for me to discover.

What a beautiful fall advantage to look in any direction and find that there’s beauty to embrace—and work to get done! Now which one will win the race today!?!

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Litsa is a stay at home mom to a beautiful little girl. She is a native of Greece and now resides in Tennessee. As a former teacher, Litsa wears many hats that it takes to make a home a functioning home!

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