What to Can With a Bushel of Apples

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bushel apples

During apple season I like to can apples to preserve for winter. Canning and preserving is very affordable if you take advantage of special deals. I often go to our local orchard and ask for fruit seconds. Last week I scored a bushel of apples for $12. I thought I would share what I was able to make with my $12 bushel purchase. To me it is worth my time preserving fruits myself. I always know what goes in my jars and homemade always tastes better!


I first made applesauce. I ended up with 18 pints of cinnamon applesauce to use this winter. Making applesauce it very easy. I just cook down the apples and add a small amount of sugar and cinnamon. That’s it! For more tips on starting canning, checkout my post on preparing to can apples.

apple jelly

I saved the apple peels and cores so that I could make apple peel jelly. This is Capt. M’s favorite jelly! I made two batches of apple peel jelly which resulted in 18 half pints of jelly.

apple pie filling canning

I made one batch of apple pie filling out of the remaining apples. My recipe made 7 quarts of apple pie filling.

Lastly I made one fresh apple crisp for dessert! An apple crisp is my all time favorite fall dessert.

So one bushel that cost $12 made:

18 pints applesauce
18 half pints apple peel jelly
7 quarts apple pie filling
1 apple crisp

Not bad for $12! Look for deals at your local orchard or farmer’s market and preserve produce for winter. When the frost is on the ground, you’ll be thrilled to open a jar of apple pie filling!

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