Candy Dipped Pretzels

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Candy Pretzels

My boys love to help me in the kitchen. I usually try to do a couple of easy candy projects so they can help me. One thing that they love is candy coated pretzels. They are so easy to make too!

Candy Dipped Pretzels

Candy Melts
Pretzel Rods
Pretzel Molds (If you don’t have them, you can just dip the pretzels)

melted candy melts

Heat the candy melts in a microwave safe container at 50% power for one minute. Stir and continue microwaving for 1 minute intervals at 50% power until melted. Place melted candy in a zipper plastic bag. Cut a hole in the corner for easy application.

candy melt in mold

Place a small amount of candy melts in the molds. You can be creative with different colors. If you are really into it, use a pastry brush or clean paint brush to apply different colors of candy melts.

candy melts pretzels

Place the pretzel rod on top of the melted candy in the mold. Then place additional melted candy over the top of the pretzel to cover it. Place in the refrigerator to set. Gently remove from mold when set.

Pretzel rods are just as cute dipped in chocolate with sprinkles on top!

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