Corned Beef: Difference Between Point Cut and Flat Cut

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corned beef and cabbage

Do you prepare corned beef for St. Patrick’s Day? If so, here are a few tidbits on picking the best corned beef. First a little background on what corned beef is.

Corned beef is made from a brisket. It is placed in a brine of grains and salt to cure the meat. Corned beef is similar to pastrami and used to make a Reuben sandwich. This meat is usually slow cooked because it is a tougher cut. I make corned beef in my crock-pot for the best results.

If you are preparing Corned Beef for a St. Patrick’s Day feast you will find two different cuts of meat. Corned Beef either comes in point cut or flat cut. The point cut is usually cheaper and it contains more fat. The flat cut will be leaner but may be less tender.

When selecting your corned beef at the store, feel the meat. The meat should be firm. If it is soft or mushy, it contains too much fat.

We only eat corned beef once or twice a year. We had a taste test last year and everyone preferred the point cut to the flat cut. The fat in the point cut makes it tastier and more tender. Since we don’t eat it often, I am okay with cooking the fattier meat!

What about you, do prefer the point cut or the flat cut? What else do you make for St. Patrick’s Day?

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  1. I make corned beef a couple of times a year. I had no idea what the difference was in the different cuts. I usually buy the flat cut (bought one yesterday). Next time I’ll try the point cut. I always make it in the crock pot and it always comes out good.
    Thanks for the info on the different cuts!

  2. Pat mahan says:

    Where can I purchase a point cut corned beef brisket