Country Life: Introducing New Chickens

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We have some new girls added to the flock! Since we were down to four hens that are getting close to three years old, we decided to pickup a couple more hens. An acquaintance of mine was reducing her flock which was perfect timing for us. Our four older hens are molting and not laying at all. These two new girls are just about to start laying for the first time.

Chickens are a bit territorial. That means we couldn’t just add the new hens to the old flock. What we did was put the new girls in a cage next to our older girls coupe. They spent the day checking each other out through the fence. When night fell and the girls went to roost, hubby placed the new girls in with the older girls. The hope was that they would all wakeup not really caring about the new additions.

They did fight a little the next morning but it wasn’t bad. It was kind of like they were figuring out the pecking order- literally. We normally let our girls free range but we will keep them couped up for a few days. We want to make sure the new girls are aware that this is home.

Aren’t our new girls just beautiful? They are so big! Since our old girls are scrawny while molting, these girls look huge!

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