Crest Rebate Offers

Looks like Crest wants to save you from embarrassment! Who likes yellow teeth? Not me! Take a look at these great rebate offers from CREST. Download the Pdf for $10 rebate offer that ends on December 29th, 2012.

Your request must be postmarked by January 31, 2013. Check back with this site for additional details.

White smiles! Have a great September!

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  1. Hi, I too cannot find the website to work for the $10 rebate for the the Crest White strips.

  2. Not getting the $10 rebae site either

  3. Pam Lucas says:

    Cant get the rebate

  4. I’m not able to find the 10.00 rebate either. Did a google search and it didn’t come up. The website only has the 15.00 rebate form. I also see the information in my P&G coupon insert but that link isn’t working. I guess I’ll try later to see if it works.

  5. Cant find rebate

  6. karon monnett says:

    I do not see how to send in my rebate I found in the paper. Can you give me the address to mail this in to get my $10.00 back. Thanks, Karon Monnett

  7. Joan case says:

    Can’t find out how to receive the rebate that was advertised in the Arkansas Gazette-Democrat Sunday, July 31, 2013.


  8. cant find rebate

  9. Eileen frescura says:

    Please inform me about the 10.00 rebate form,I love the whitening strips!!!

  10. andrea eich says:

    I can’t find the $10 rebate info either… i just need the address to mail the coupon & cash receipt in.. Thanks! :)


  12. Can’t find how to get my $10.00 rebate with the Crest White Strips.

  13. I just talked with P&G about the 10.00 rebate (as they weren’t able to clarify this on their facebook page… but gave me the toll free number to call). P&G said the 10.00 rebate was a mistake, and that’s why it’s not accessible. They suggested using the 15.00 rebate instead.

  14. Marcia Rahe says:

    Cannot access $10 rebate site. Please send me rebate offer info that
    was included in my Sunday newspaper ad section. The only info
    was to access 3DWHITE.COM.

  15. Nancy Thompson says:

    I have tried twice and not getting the info for rebate. Please advise. Thanks

  16. Nancy Thompson says:

    Ihave tried twice to get my rebate,not getting the right info from you. Thanks. Please advise

  17. maryann neumann says:

    I cannot find the 10$ rebate. Please help!! Thanks

  18. Mary Givens says:

    Cannot find the $10 mail-in rebate

  19. Linda Varner says:

    I could not find the rebate either. The $15 rebate was for Walgreen and a differnt address.

  20. Linda Varner says:

    please send me the $10 rebate form

  21. The ad in Sunday’s paper send there’s a rebate from 9/30/12 – 12/29/12 but I can’t find it. Anyone have any ideas?

  22. The ad in sunday’s paper said there’s a rebate of $10 from 9/30/12 to 12/29/12. I can’t find it on the website. Anyone have any ideas?

  23. Linda Ferry says:

    Why not just have the rebate inside the package. Would save everyone a lot of headaches. Could not find rebate either or was that the idea so people would not bother.

  24. Donna Montaldo says:

    Hi Renae,

    I am getting the same comments on my blog about the P&G rebate — regardless of how many times I suggest the other rebate form. I think it is spammers. I’ve stopped replying.

  25. I purchased two (2) 3D white strips( Nov. 22, 2012) and I’m trying to get my two (2) $10..00 rebates. Please send me the mail in coupons for the rebates. I cannot get it on your website. Thank you, JML

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