How to Cure Onions for Storage

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Drying onions

A couple of weeks ago, our neighbor invited us over to pick from the garden. You might remember that I tried my hand at canning green beans and we ended up with a TON! We also picked onions from their garden. I forgot to snap a before picture of the onions but I wanted to tell you about the curing process.

Onions actually keep very well if you cure them correctly. And it turns out, they are very easy to cure too! Basically just lay the whole onion plant, bulb and leaves, out to dry for two to three weeks. You want to dry them in a covered, cool and dry place. We left ours out on a table on our covered deck for three weeks.

The onions are cured when the leaves and neck  are dried and there is a papery skin on the bulb. Then you can store the onions for several months. I braided the leaves and will hang them in our basement.

Have you ever grown and cured your own onions? We are doing the same thing with garlic from our garden too!

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