Daddy Daycare: Chores

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Since our boys have been able to walk, they have helped around the house. We want them to be involved in the upkeep of our home, yard and animals. Now that hubby is in charge of the housekeeping, he has taught the boys how to vacuum among other things.

Hubby tries to keep it fun and therefore the boys do not mind doing “chores”. He doesn’t refer to them as chores he simply says just asks for them to help. Maybe it is due to their young age, but they actually think vacuuming is fun! Hopefully what hubby is teaching them now will carry over as they age.

At this point we do not pay them to complete chores. Since they are eager to help, there is simply no reason to pay them!

We are curious, do you pay your children to do chores? If so, what is the going rate?

Hubby is currently a stay at home dad to our two boys. Capt. M is 6 and in 1st grade and Mr. B is 4 and loves staying home with daddy all day. Join us as we chronicle our journey adjusting to daddy daycare.

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