Daddy Daycare: Wii Overload

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Monday evening I walk in the door from a long day at work only to find two children in timeout crying. Capt. M is on the verge of having a major meltdown. I had visions of turning around and running back to my car but alas I had to face the screaming.

The boys had started arguing while playing Wii so hubby turned the game off. The video arguments have become more frequent as of late.

Personally I never wanted to buy the Wii or any other gaming system. I have never liked how the video games suck in the players to the point of addiction. My rule was that there would be no video games during the school week. That rule has slowly faded away over the last year. You see hubby likes video games and since he is running daddy daycare, the rules have changed a bit.

That is until now!

We are going back to the no video games during the school week rule. I threatened to get rid of the Wii as Capt. M went into a full meltdown tantrum when I announced the rule (which affirmed the need for this rule!).

So I am not the most popular person in the house right now. BUT, I want my boys to keep their imaginative play, their enjoyment of outdoors and their friendship. I could see all of that disappearing when the Wii took over.

So let the after school adventures begin- the Wii is on lock down!

What are the rules in your household regarding video games? Do your children play during the school week? Do you use a timer?

Hubby is currently a stay at home dad to our two boys. Capt. M is 6 and in 1st grade and Mr. B is 4 and loves staying home with daddy all day. Join us as we chronicle our journey adjusting to daddy daycare.

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  1. Wow I feel like sometimes we live parallel lives! We literally had a major meltdown this morning with our 6 year old son over playing his DS. We do limit his time playing it, but I really like your idea of not allowing him to play at all during the school week. :) He may not like the idea, but I’m sure going to!
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