Deviled Eggs Recipe

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Deviled eggs are one of my all-time favorite appetizers and I love to bring them to cook-outs and other events; they are always a crowd pleaser! Enjoy my version of this great little two bite delight!

To make your deviled eggs look pretty, use a plastic bag to pipe in the filling. Just snip off a corner of the bag and you will be able to fill the egg white neatly.

Deviled Eggs Recipe
Recipe type: Appetizer
  • 12 eggs, hard boiled & peeled.
  • 1 cup light miracle whip (substitute with mayonnaise or low fat mayo if you prefer)
  • 1 tbsp yellow mustard
  • 2 tbsp milk (whichever variety you prefer)
  • Salt & pepper (season to taste)
  • Dried dill and/or paprika (to garnish-optional)
  1. Take each of the eggs you’ve hard boiled and peeled and cut them lengthwise in half.
  2. Remove egg yolks and place in a medium sized bowl.
  3. Add miracle whip or mayo, mustard, milk and season with salt and pepper.
  4. Using a hand mixer or whisk mix ingredients until smooth and creamy.
  5. Transfer egg mixture to a zip-lock bag, seal and snip off one corner of bag. Use to fill each egg cup.
  6. Once each egg cup is filled, garnish if desired and chill.
  7. Serve & enjoy! Yields 24 servings!
* For additional flavor and variety experiment with different garnishes. * Instead of yellow mustard substitute with a spicy brown mustard or add a bit of horseradish sauce to the mix!


For a different version of deviled eggs, try protein packed deviled eggs! Make sure you check out my other easy recipes!


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