DIY Gift Basket Filler Shred

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paper shreds

Gift baskets are a common gift this time of year. Not only do I make gift baskets for gifts but I tend to be on the receiving end of gift baskets too. While I was visiting my mom a few weeks ago we were discussing the items needed to make a great gift basket. My mom is really talented when it comes to packing gift baskets. Her baskets always look like have been arranged professionally and are so clever.

One tip my mom gave me is to make my own paper filler shred. Not only is it cheaper, but it’s easy to customize the colors! To make your own basket filler shred all you need is a paper shredder and scrap paper. The type of shredder needed is the kind that produces long strips of paper. Don’t use a cross-hatch shredder or you’ll have tiny little pieces!

ad through shredder

For the paper you can use colored newspaper inserts, black and white paper, tissue paper, wrapping paper scraps, brown paper bags or anything type of paper that will go through the shredder.

ad shredded

After the colored ads or funny pages are shredded, you can’t even tell what they were! Plus it ads a pop of color to your gift basket!

purple shreds

If you use tissue paper, you will need to fold the tissue paper to make it a little thicker for the shredder. I folded my tissue paper to make it four layers thick and the shredder took it no problem.


Paper lunch bags or small bags from department stores work well too.

Put your shredder to use this Holiday season and make some beautiful gift baskets! It really is a neat way to repurpose paper that you have laying around.

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