Dose of Perspective

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We all have times in our lives when we get in a funk. In those moments, nothing seems to go right. It’s so easy to get stuck in these moments, letting stress take over. Once stress settles in, nothing seems to go correctly and the downhill spiral continues.

However, life is all about perspective.

Last week started off rough. Hubby is working night shift overtime which means we have a crazy schedule with caring for our children. We’re like two ships passing in the night – when I go to bed, hubby is getting up for work. Our refrigerator went on the blink which resulted in loss of food and the need for purchasing a new refrigerator. Have you priced refrigerators lately? Crazy expensive! Due to hubby’s work schedule, it was up to me to make this big purchase. Rushing to Lowe’s on my lunch break to plunk down a small fortune. The process took longer than expected and I ended up being late to work.

I could feel the stress bubbling over and the tears started. I didn’t even get a chance to eat lunch. Those that know me know that it’s not pleasant to be around me when I don’t eat! Hangry is the word.

About an hour after returning to work, I got a wakeup call. You know that moment that snaps you back to reality and out of the feeling sorry for yourself mode?

Pond Trees

There was an unfortunate fatal car accident on the same road I had just speed down. A big dose of perspective.

The things I was stressed about were material – things that can be replaced. A person can’t be replaced. I did not know the people involved in the accident but my heart broke for them and their families. Of course, more reality hit later in the week when the mass shootings occurred. It really has been a tragic week for life loss.

Even though I have been under stress, I can’t help but feel so thankful and blessed. I encourage you all to change your perspective this Holiday season!

Remember to put the the troubled things into perspective. Life can’t always be happy, but embrace the good times when you have them.

For more encouraging words on perspective, read my post I wrote several years ago on faith and perspective.

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