Easter Eggs Dyed With Onion Skins

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Onion dyed eggs

Last year I decided to do something a little different for dying Easter eggs. I had read that onion skins will dye the eggshells. Since I am always looking for more natural things, I thought this idea was pretty cool! Plus the eggs came out so beautiful with the pattern that the onion skins produced.

Supplies needed for Onion Skin Dyed Eggs:

– eggs
– dry onion skins (pieces as large as possible)
– squares of cloth (like cheesecloth)
– rubber bands
– a pot of boiling water

Onion peel

Start collecting dry onion skins a couple of weeks before you want to dye Easter eggs. Just gently peel the brown dry skin off the onion. The bigger you can keep the pieces, the better.

Soak onion peel

When you want to dye eggs, the first step is to soak the onion skins in water for a few minutes. This will make the onion skins more pliable so they can be wrapped around the eggs.

Wrap egg with onion peel

When the onion peel has softened a bit, wrap it around an egg.The water helps the skin cling to the egg.

Wrap egg in cloth

Once the onion skin is wrapped around the egg, wrap the cloth around the egg and secure with a rubber band.

eggs in onion water

Carefully add your egg bundle to a pot of water and boil. For a perfect hard boiled egg, follow my instructions on how to boil an egg. Once the eggs are hard boiled, cool them in ice water. Then remove the cloth and onion wrap.

Onion dyed egg

The end result is a beautiful rusty brown patterned egg! We used our own chicken eggs which are brown. Brown eggs dye just as easily as white eggs. If you are using farm fresh  eggs for hard boiling, remember that they need to be a couple weeks old for easy peeling.

Keep in mind these hard boiled egg recipes for leftover eggs!

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