Acorn Cap Wreath Decoration

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acorn cap wreath

Last week I shared with you how I am using nature to decorate this Fall. We have so many acorns in the yard that I decided to make an acorn cap wreath! I just LOVE how it turned out!

Acorn Cap Wreath

Acorn Wreath Supplies

Acorn Caps
Straw Wreath Form
Hot Glue Gun
(2) Pine Cones

Wrap wreath in yarn

First wrap the straw wreath form in yarn. I chose a brown yarn that went well with the acorn caps. There will be small gaps between the acorn caps so the brown yarn acts as a filler. To wrap the wreath just cut long pieces of yarn and start wrapping tightly. I used hot glue to secure the yarn ends.

Apply Glue to Acorn Cap

Once the straw wreath is wrapped in yarn, start gluing the acorn caps on. Just apply a small amount of hot glue around the rim of the acorn cap.

Glue Acorn Caps

Glue the first row of acorn caps down the middle of the wreath. Once the first row is glued on, start the next row. I used different sizes of acorn caps on different rows to give the wreath more texture and depth. Keep applying acorn caps until the wreath is covered. Glue to small pine cones on the wreath as a finishing touch. Hang with a colorful ribbon.

Acorn Wreath Closeup

Don’t you just love it?

In total I spent about $3 on this wreath. Send your kids out to collect acorn caps- they will love it!

Acorn Wreath Craft

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  2. I am so impressed with this! I like the part about involving the kids in the acorn hunt. I am a new Twitter follower from Keeping it Simple. Vicky from


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