Easy Succulents for Everyone

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Containers full of easy succulents grace the shelves of Lowe’s each season but they are not plants that I (Litsa) tend to gravitate towards. However, at my uncle’s house in Greece these succulents overflowed each summer out of ceramic pots welcoming guests to their summer home. When he pulled up one or two with roots on them to give to my mother, I wondered if they’d survive when she planted them at our summer home in a neighboring village in Greece.

The answer came this summer when I noticed just after two years, not only did they thrive but these succulents filled the flowerpots. Neighbors and family stop to admire them and pull up a root to add to their own pots for their homes. Thus, when I see these succulents at Lowe’s on next trip, I plan to add a few to our home in West Tennessee. These succulents often grace the pages of my home magazine reads. They were recently featured in Better Homes & Garden’s April 2013 issue. Along with their beautiful photograph were these container tidbits for new buyers/growers:

Look for Color. Succulents come in a range of colors besides green: blue, purple, yellow, orange, red, and silver. Choose them to complement your décor.

Pack them In. Put in as many succulents into a pot as you can—making a collage of spiky, moundy, & wavy forms.

Neglect Them. Succulents are made to thrive in drought. If you water them the way you do other plants, they might die. Wait until soil has been dry for several days before watering.

Give Good Drainage. Plant succulents in a cactus or succulent potting mix, and be sure the pot has drain holes.

Now, I know that even those of us without green thumbs can grow these succulents if my mom can being away from our summer home nine months out of the year—–they’re beautiful neglected even with just one variety potted to grow and greet us in the village during the summer months in Greece.

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