February Savings Added Up

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A year ago, I (Litsa) shared the highlights of my family’s February Savings with you to encourage you to continue your own journey with coupons, deals, rebates, and more! I’ve remained a stay at home mom this past year and continued to work on our savings plan——-couponing and dealing to negate debt and to refrain from working outside the home until our little girl enters Kindergarten! It’s a challenge to stay on course with a savings plan in today’s economy but to show you and myself that it matters, I tallied up our savings for January 2013. Here’s a glimpse of our savings by categories:

Coupons (Kroger/Wal-Mart): $349.64 (many stockpiled items—snacks, tuna etc.)

Bing/Swagbucks/Ebates/Cashback: $26.41

Items Sold (items around the house): $1087.00

Blog Dealing (Two Sources): $248.62

Our family’s grand total was $1711.67—-working from home on deal blogging, watching sales and clipping coupons!! And spring cleaning——if I don’t love an item and it doesn’t add value to our life, we are purging them!!

Now, I reiterate that I don’t encourage you to quit your job because the hours put in on accumulating this figure were FULLTIME hours! However, I can say that our stockpiles are working this month—begin creating yours from sales we post on the blog for you. Additionally, I encourage you to purge items while you spring clean. What you determine that needs to go will reinforce you to spend less on those type of items for your family/household! There’s always room to save! I opted to have our family eat in all month—-only one meal out for a family of three: $21 and tip! How? I ate a salad at home to enjoy the outing with my family. It saved us $10 when I didn’t order an entree! And again……there’s that dreaded budget word—–spend what you have coming in before you have the money in hand! That’s my focus for March as I watch sales, deals, and more to buy what we need and eliminate the WANT buying———an all cash budget for daily needs throughout the month is another goal!! Where are you?

There were many, many freebies too that came in the mail—-magazines and more! I didn’t make a list since I was busy selling “purged” items but our freebie stash around here grew. And again, I was lucky enough to put a few items away for summer vacation and other items I was able to pass along to friends and strangers alike!

May your journey of savings and having it all be just as prosperous as we spring into March!

Set goals. Achieve—-as you envision where you want to be a month from now—or a year from now!

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Litsa is a stay at home mom to a beautiful little girl. She is a native of Greece and now resides in Tennessee. As a former teacher, Litsa wears many hats that it takes to make a home a functioning home!

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