Flavored Water: Seasonally Infused

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water infused with fruit and veggiesWater is my go to thirst quencher! I (Litsa) love plain water or water with a slice a lemon or a dash of tea or….water infused with seasonal, fresh produce! I can’t say that I have experimented with many flavors of naturally flavored water besides, cucumbers, berries, lemons, or limes. However, I was busy slicing fruits for oatmeal yogurt jars for breakfast and cucumbers for dinner salads!?! So I took a few minutes to experiment with an empty mason jar. I placed in it a few slices of cucumber, strawberries, and ginger. Next, I filled the jar with water and placed the lid on the jar. The next day, the natural flavors had infused their power within my water. I sipped on the water and even took the time to refill the jar for one more mini drink later that night! I was pleased with the flavors. The ginger was more powerful than the strawberries and/or cucumbers but it was not overpowering!

I’m a drinker! A lover of coffee, fresh juices, teas, smoothies, and water! I don’t drink sodas or other store packaged drinks. Throughout the warmer months of the year, I drink many, many glasses of water. I also enjoy bottled water on my walks/runs. To steer away from reaching for bottled water at home, I hope to enjoy more mason jars filled with unique and naturally flavored water!

If you’re looking at incorporating more water into your own day—-or wanting to curb your soda habits reach for more water! Naturally Flavored Water that will have you enjoying glass after glass. What flavor should you begin with today!?! There’s no right or wrong one. Slice a few fruits and veggies and add them to your own mason jars.

These naturally infused waters were a favorite of mine while indulging in spa services in the city (prior to marriage/motherhood)! Now, there’s no reason why a wife and/or mother can’t enjoy these simple infused natural fruit/veggies flavors in her water at home!?!

Make a pitcher full and invite a few friends!

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