Fox in the Hen House

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Saturday morning we were just getting ready for breakfast when we hear the dogs barking. It was their “there is something out there” bark. Hubby looks out our dining room windows to see a red fox in our driveway.

Normally this would be a cool thing to see. However, when you have hens free ranging, it becomes panic time. The fox slowly trotted down our driveway right past our chickens who were out on their morning adventure. Our “girls” head over to our neighbors house every morning to visit his chickens who are in a large coop. So the hens and the fox crossed paths that morning but thankfully the fox kept on running.

We are thankful for our dogs and there protection they provide for our property. We are on constant watch now as we know this red fox is aware that there is “food” available for him here. Our girls will be cooped up every evening and we will wait a bit to let them out in the morning. We typically let them free range all of the time but for their safety, we will have a new routine for awhile.

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