Gardening: Volunteer Pumpkins

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volunteer pumpkin

A few weeks ago I mentioned that we had volunteer vegetable plants growing. I knew that one of the plants was a type of squash but I was unsure on what type. This volunteer squash plant was growing beside the chicken coop. When we throw vegetable scraps to the chickens, sometimes the seeds get dispersed on the outside of the coop. The result was a beautiful plant!

baby pumpkin

Now that the plant is flowering and fruit is being produced, I can see that we have a pumpkin plant! We have two baby pumpkins growing on this plant. We really haven’t done anything to nourish this plant. We’ve let nature take over with the watering and fertilizing with wonderful results. I think the chicken coop has provided plenty of natural fertilizer!

It would be soooo cool if we actually get two pumpkins for Halloween all from a volunteer plant! Keeping my fingers crossed that it still continues to grow happy and healthy.

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