Tips for Healthy House Plants

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Do you have houseplants throughout your home? I (Litsa) have never had a roomful of houseplants but I love having a few houseplants interspersed through the living room, kitchen, & play/sun room. These few houseplants mainly decorate the areas by the windows where natural light filters through. Although most of the houseplants that I have are low maintenance, periodically they need attention too.

My healthy houseplant checklist includes:

  • Looking for yellowing leaves that may denote too much watering—-I usually clip off the affected leaves & water the plant less. If the yellow persists, check that individual plant’s guidelines.
  • Looking for dead or shabby foliage that may seem unappealing. This may mean there’s a fungal or other plant disease. Pinch rotten leaves off and toss them into the trash can.
  • Looking for dry, brittle leaves—which tends to happen in the winter months for houseplants or unattended plants in warmer seasons. You could add moisture to your plants by setting pots on a pebble-filled tray of water.
  • Looking for white fuzz or pests—or signs of red dots—a sap sucking insect or spider mites might be the culprit. Dabbing rubbing alcohol-soaked cotton swab can help. Also cut off stems that are infested.
  • Looking for water seeping through pots. Excess water can damage hardwood floors and/or harm furniture. Use cork coasters and/or waterproof glazed saucers to protect your home’s furnishings as you enjoy your house plants.
  • Looking for shoots with excess growth. Too much growth can weaken the plant in the long haul so pruning top growth gives it new balance—between roots and visible plant shoots.

What other houseplant tips do you follow to keep your houseplants healthy?

Credit for healthy tips: Martha Stewart Living Magazine

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