Things to Know About Hot Yoga

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Yoga has become a part of my daily routine. I used to follow the Rodney Yee videos closely but have now learned what poses work best for me. During the day when I feel my body tighten and stress, I do a few yoga poses. Yoga has helped me become more flexible and has also helped my back and neck issues that I deal with from working as a dental hygienist.

Last week I was home visiting my mom in California. She invited me to try the hot yoga class that she has been taking for about a year. This class closely follows Bikram yoga in a heated room. A typical hot yoga class will be between 104 to 105 degrees F with about 40-50% humidity. It’s pretty hot!

The goal of hot yoga is to get your body to sweat to detox. Plus when your body is warm, you can stretch your muscles further.

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Things to know before trying hot yoga:

  • Your stomach should be empty. Don’t eat for 3 hours before class. This was hard for me since I am a snacker!
  • Make sure you are hydrated. Drink plenty of water several hours before class. Depending on your instructor, drink water throughout class. The class I took allowed water (thankfully!) but I’ve heard some hardcore yogi’s don’t allow water during class.
  • It’s okay to take a break during class if you feel dizzy. If the heat is getting to you, take a break by laying down in savasana. Don’t feel weird about it. Even some of the regulars in the class I took had to ease back.
  • You will sweat. There is no way around this. Bring an extra towel and wear minimal clothing. My mom also packed a towel to sit on in the car for the drive home (alternatively, bring clothes to change into).
  • A towel is needed to go over your yoga mat. They make non-slip towels just for hot yoga.
  • Make sure to have an electrolyte beverage ready for after class.

My thoughts on the experience:

I found the poses similar to many that I have tried at home. The class I took was 90 minutes long. The first hour went quickly. It was hot but manageable. The last 30 minutes was hard. Mentally, I wanted to escape. The air was thick and my mind kept telling me “time to leave”. It was definitely a mental struggle to stay in that hot room. Sweat was rolling down my legs and arms. There was not a dry spot on me.

I ended up finishing the whole class and felt good afterwards. The next day I was even a bit sore from holding the poses and using different muscles. I wouldn’t do hot yoga on a regular basis – not really my thing. However, I would take another class if the opportunity came up. I would much prefer a 60 minute class though!

Have you tried hot yoga? What are your thoughts?

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  1. I’ve been going to hot yoga for the past 2 months pretty regularly and it wasn’t until this past week that I’ve really learned to love it. Stick with it and you will notice subtle mental and physical changes. I actually look forward to sweating it out! Crazy, I know ;)

  2. I find hot yoga difficult but the way I feel afterwards far outweighs the discomfort! ;-)
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