How to De-String Celery

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Many people, myself included, don’t like celery due to the strings. They get stuck between your teeth and make celery difficult to eat. Last year my sister-in-law showed me how to de-string celery. I thought this was a clever trick that may be useful for all of you too!

Cut Celery

Wash and clean your celery stalk. Pull one rib of celery off of the stalk. Take a knife and cut partially through the celery where the rib changes from green to white (large end of celery rib). Do not cut all the way through.

Celery Strings

Take the cut piece and gently peel the strings away from the celery rib. As you pull the strings will release down the whole rib of celery.

If you do not get all of the strings with the first pull, take a knife and gently lift a string from the end. Once you get an end sticking up, you can pull that string all the way down the rib of celery.

There you have it- string free celery! Capt. M loves celery as long as I de-string it.

Do you de-string your celery?

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  1. You can also just use a vegetable peeler! I hate the strings too! The vegetable peeler just takes that top layer of strings off.

  2. A vegetable peeler works great. I’m w/Misty; just takes the top layer of strings off.