How to Freeze Grapes

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Freeze grapes

Rather than buying the entire bag of grapes that are pre-bagged for us, I always pull out a few to re-bag to purchase. However when we get home, we still tend to have more grapes than we can eat.

Thus, I simply wash the grapes, pull off the vines/stems from them and place them in a strainer to make sure excess water is off of them. Then I pour them into a Ziploc bag and place them in the freezer. During the summer months, we enjoy eating our frozen grapes on the go. After freezing them, the grapes harden and are bite-sized refreshing water balls with flavor. They are the perfect snack as we sit poolside and/or travel in a hot car as it is beginning to cool off.

Frozen Grapes

Save money on produce and stockup when it is at rock bottom prices—then wash and prep for freezing! You will want to flash freeze fruit like pineapple chunks so they don’t stick together. As for my round grapes, I don’t personally flash freeze them. They tend to come apart quite easily as I toss one or two in my mouth.

Don’t forget to add dates to your Ziploc bags to note when fruit was bought and/or frozen.

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