How to Get Rid of Ground Yellow Jackets

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As mentioned recently, we have a big problem with yellow jackets. We have the type that live underground. This is a real problem since sometimes you can’t even see the hole to the hive. The kids or dogs will be out playing and accidentally step on the hole. The ground yellow jackets can be very aggressive and their bite hurts like the dickens.

What hubby does is wait until night fall. The yellow jackets will go back to their hole in the evening. He then pours gasoline down the hole and lights it on fire.  Of course take precautions and make sure that other flammable material is away from the hole. Have water on hand just in case.

Hubby let’s the fire burn until the gasoline burns out. The yellow jackets hive is then destroyed! We have tried yellow jacket and hornet pesticides, but the fire seems to work the best.

Do you have any tips for getting rid of ground yellow jackets?

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  1. This wouldn’t work for us as we have a drinking water well and it would contaminate the well. We use boiling hot water!

  2. We used your technique. It worked perfectly. We did make one modification which works even better. We used charcoal lighter fluid which burns slower. It ignited the nest which burned slowly for 20 min. We then sealed their tomb with a paving stone. Goners!

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