Kroger Catalina Offers

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A catalina is a coupon that the cashier hands you at checkout with your receipt. The catalina usually gives you a certain amount off your next order when you buy specific items. Combining sales with coupons and catalina offers make for great stockpiling opportunities! To find out more about what a catalina offer is, checkout my post on What is a Catalaina?

Make sure to check out the current Kroger Matchups! Also, Coupon Network usually has current catalina offers listed mixed in with printable coupons. The ones that say future savings are catalina offers.

If you have any questions and/or issues of Kroger Catalina Offers not printing, please call 1-888-8COUPON or email them at

Kroger Catalina Offers

OYNO: On Your Next Order

Buy Gerber Cereals 8oz or 16oz
*through 2/23
Buy 2, Get $1.00 OYNO
Buy 3, Get $2.00 OYNO
Buy 4+, Get $3.00 OYNO

Buy Jacks Pizza
*through 2/23
Buy 3, Get $1 OYNO
Buy 4, Get $2 OYNO
Buy 5+, Get $3 OYNO

Buy Kraft Fresh Takes
*through 2/23
Buy 2, Get $1 OYNO
Buy 3, Get $2 OYNO
Buy 4+, Get $3 OYNO

Buy Total Care Floss and/or Reach Access Flosser
*through 2/23
Buy 2, Get $2 OYNO
Buy 3, Get $3 OYNO
Buy 4+, Get $4 OYNO

Buy DelMonte Milk Bones
*through 2/23
Buy 2, Get $1 OYNO
Buy 3, Get $2 OYNO
Buy 4, Get $3 OYNO

Buy Pledge Floor Care
*through 2/23
Buy 1, Get $1.50 OYNO

Buy any V8 100% Vegetable Juice 46oz or larger bottles, or can packs
*through 2/23
Buy 2, Get $1.50 OYNO
Buy 3, Get $2.00 OYNO
Buy 4+, Get $3.00 OYNO

Kraft Natural Cheese Blocks
**through 2/23
Buy 2, Get $2.00 OYNO
Buy 3, Get $3.00 OYNO
Buy 4+,Get $4.00 OYNO

Buy Campbell’s Slow Kettle Soups, Gourmet Bisque’s, or Go Soups
*through 2/23
Buy 2, Get $1 OYNO
Buy 3+, Get $1.50 OYNO

Buy College Inn Broth Products
*through 2/23
Buy 2, Get $1 OYNO
Buy 3, Get $1.25 OYNO
Buy 4, Get $1.50 OYNO

Buy Kleenex Facial Tissue & Hand Towels
*through 2/23
Buy 6, Get $1.00 OYNO
Buy 7, Get $1.50 OYNO
Buy 8+, Get $2.00 OYNO

Buy Velveeta Cheesy Skillets or Velveeta Cheesy Casseroles
*through 2/23

Buy 2, Get $1.00 OYNO
Buy 3, Get $2.00 OYNO
Buy 4+, Get $3.00 OYNO

Buy Farm Rich Snacks
*through 2/27
Buy 2, Get $3 OYNO
Buy 3+ Get $5 OYNO

Buy 3 Neutrogena Products
*through 3/1
Buy 3, Get $5 OYNO

Buy Crystal Light (10 ct on the go or canister)
*through 3/2
Buy 3, Get $1.50 OYNO
Buy 4, Get $2.50 OYNO
Buy 5+, Get $4.00 OYNO

Buy Nivea, Nivea Men, Eucerin, or Aquaphor
*through 3/4
Buy $10, Get $3 OYNO

Buy Ziploc Participating Items
*through 3/5
Buy 2, Get $2 OYNO

Buy any LOreal Paris Advanced Haircare Product (excludes trial sizes)
*through 3/16
Buy 2, Get $1.50 OYNO
Buy 3+, $3.00 OYNO

Buy Glade Automatic Starter Kit or Glade Automatic Refills
*through 3/23
Buy 1 Starter Kit, Get $3 OYNO
Buy 2 Automatic Refills, Get $1.50 OYNO

Buy Puffs
*No Date Indicated
Buy 4, Get $3 OYNO

Buy Kraft Singles (12 oz or larger)
*through 3/30
Buy 2, Get $2

Buy Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer
*through 3/23
Buy 1, Get $1 OYNO

***Remember that even these Catalina offers, they may vary per region or store.***

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  1. Bethany Russell says:

    I did not receive any of my catalinas last night at Kroger. I bought the grands, gain, hamburger helper, and yoplait requirements. I had to do U-Scan and wonder if that might have caused it, or if I may get the Catalinas printed off next time I visit?

    • Hi Bethany,
      Coupons Sensei is exactly right. The catalinas don’t print for various reasons. Call Catalina Marketing and they should be able to help you!

    • sometimes the printer is out of paper and if no one tells them it didn’t print they don’t change it. They have a list of the catalinas at customer service desk and they can manually print them for you if that happens.

  2. couponsensei says:

    What you can do is to either go back to the store with the receipt and let them know or contact the Catalina people.

    In many cases, Catalinas have not printed due to either printer paper being out, paper jam or other network problems. If you take your items to customer service or have them ring it in on another register, usually, the Catalina will print. Sometimes more than one cat machine may be down or not working. In fact, at one store, all the Self Checkouts did not work with Catalinas for weeks! It was a new store.

    Anyway, if that doesn’t work… call the Catalina Marketing company directly at 1-888-8COUPON (1-888-826-8766).

  3. Bethany Russell says:

    Hey everyone. Thanks. I called the number you provided and they gave me a recording asking me to email all the information to them. Hopefully, I’ll have success. It was $6 or $7 in Catalinas on things I wouldn’t have bought quite as many of usually.



  4. I bought 3 packages of huggies baby wipes. I recieved a catalina for free pack.

  5. i got the swiffer duster starter kit (3.82) and the 10ct refill (9.79). i used the buy swiffer starter kit get refill free (up to $9). note: she had to put in the 9.00 instead of 9.79, so i did pay .79 for the refill pack. anywhooo, the point was, those were the only p&g products that i purchased & i got a $1 off you next order compliments of p&g. it’s a great coupon if you all have it & i have to assume this is the product that did it, since i can’t find another p&g product in my order.

    • here’s the list of products, in case i am wrong and it’s not the swiffer that did it.

      larabar, silk soymilk, tostitos, ruffles, chex mix, pepsi, crush, general milks cereal & cereal bars, starkist pouches, cream of wheat, juicy juice, swiffer (obviously), tennesee pride sausage, yoplait

      from all i can find, the only option here is the swiffer. hope this helps! i love catalina!!!

  6. There is a catalina for Kool-Aid also. Buy 15-20 & get $1 or buy 21 or more and get $2

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