Kroger Unadvertised Deals

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Below is a list of unadvertised deals at Kroger. If you come across a unadvertised deal, please contact me!

For the full list of Kroger deals and matchups for the week, go HERE.

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  1. Heather P says:

    The Better Oats coupon that was on the special deals portion of the site was a B2G1

  2. Thanks Nicholas! Sounds like a great deal on fish.

  3. Hi Zule,
    Thanks for the catalina information! Sorry your cashier only took $0.50 off. I had no problem with them taking $0.99 off and I used that coupon in three different shopping trips. I am sure that was frustrating for you. Have a good weekend!

  4. Thanks Jenn!

  5. They also have the Lysol no-touch dispensers at the Dollar General for $10.00. There is a $5.00 off coupon on and then you can use your $3.00 off coupon and only pay $2.00 for them. Great Deal!!!!

  6. In Virginia, we had a $2.74 closeout on the Peach-Magnolia Airwick Ultra Refills. With my $1 off coupons and the $5 Cart Buster, I was able to get them for $1.24 each down from an original price of $4.49!!!

  7. Hi Robert,
    The easiest thing for you would be to open Word (or another word processing program). Just copy and paste the deals from each site you want and then print the shopping list out. The other option is to the printer at the bottom of the post (Share & Print icons). PrintFriendly will open in a new window and you can delete what you don’t want.

    Sorry I can’t help you with the coupon printing. It is annoying!

  8. Robert Wick says:

    Thank You

  9. Also just found out several Randall’s stores in Houston are no longer doubling coupons

  10. I to am laid off and my husband said last weekend that all of our cabinets, fridge, and freezer are fuller now that what they was when I was working …I am still working on cleaner supplies , but that will come ..

  11. Good deal! I will have to look for the peelies at my store! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Lori Makins says:

    Please add me to you subscription letter each ont

    . Thank you,
    Lori Makins

  13. The way I get past this is I wait for the printer to be done with the coupon itself (usually always on the top of the paper), then I’ll hear it scoot down to print the ‘ad’. When I see that happen, I hit ‘cancel’ and it immediately stops printing and delivers out my page. This only works when you are printing one of those ‘ad coupons’ at a time. Sometimes, I don’t catch it and I’m like UGH! A full-color page of wasted ink! LOl.

  14. are the silk singles still on sale for $1 or are they back to normal price?

  15. I wish we were getting that deal for yakisoba in Ohio. The Ohio stores they are a 1.09 until 6/18/12 instead of .99.

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