Life With Boys: Mr. Fix It

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Boys helping with plumbing

The other day, Capt. M (age 7) was helping hubby with the dishes. Capt. M turned on the faucet and noticed very little water pressure. Hubby messed with the faucet a bit and then looked under the cabinet. They discovered that the hose going to the water faucet had come loose and water was everywhere.

After the cleaning products were removed from under the sink, the water was mopped up. Then hubby turned this into a Mr. Fix It lesson for the boys! Hubby showed them how to fix the plumbing issue. He then wanted to make sure water wasn’t in the heating duct that runs under the sink. This is where hubby let Capt. M take over. He had Capt. M pick out the screwdriver for removing the heater vent. “Do we need a flat head or philips screwdriver?”

Then he told Capt. M that is was up to him to remove the cover! Capt. M was thrilled that this was his job. Once he removed the vent, hubby asked “Is there any water in there?” Capt. M got a flashlight and looked around. Thankfully he found a dry vent.

Yes, it took twice as long to do this project with the boys helping. However, they are learning valuable lessons on how to be a Mr. Fix It when they grow up. It’s never to early to start teaching your children how to use tools and fix things around the house! (supervised of course!)

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