Life With Boys: Turtle Crossing

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We have had a ton of rain this summer. With rain, the turtles come out! We have seen more turtles in our yard this summer than ever before. From small to large. Our lab mix, Clemens, likes to chew on the shells. Therefore, we keep a close eye for these guys so we can remove them before the dog sees them!

Capt m turtle

My boys were thrilled with this little turtle since he kept coming out of his shell. When the turtles are scared, they stay in their shell and we never get a good look at them.

Mr B turtle

We had a little photo opp before we safely placed the turtle down at a little creek on the edge or our property. The creek is off limits for the dogs!

It’s important to remember that turtles can carry diseases; specifically salmonella. We do not make a routine of handling the turtles. My boys are also required to wash with soap and water after handling them. Make sure your kid’s are aware of this so in order to prevent illness!


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