Life Skills: Mending Clothing

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Mending clothing is a life skill that my mom taught me at a young age. My mom is a professional seamstress and did her best to teach me sewing skills. Unfortunately I don’t have her talent for sewing. However, I have learned how to mend clothing and sew on buttons. Learning how to mend will save you money too! If a seem busts on a shirt, it’s easy to add a few stitches.

ripped seam

A couple of weeks ago, Capt. M (age 9) noticed a seam ripped open on his favorite slippers. He retrieved some thread and a needle and asked if I could show him how to fix it. This was the perfect opportunity to teach my son a life skill. I’m sure it will impress his wife one day!

To mend clothing, you will need:

  • scissors
  • a needle
  • thread
  • pins

whip stitch

I taught Capt. M a really simple whip stitch. I showed him how to thread a needle and how to tie a knot in the end of the thread. Capt. M completed the stitches along the entire seam of the slipper. When he got to the end of the seam, I then showed him how to knot off the thread. It took about ten minutes for this little life lesson instruction.


Not only did we save money by repairing the slipper, but Capt. M was thrilled with his new learned skill. He was very proud of his accomplishment and eager to apply this skill at a later date. Get your kids involved in household upkeep at a young age; you’re teaching them skills that will last a lifetime!


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