Life With Boys: Mud Hole

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Boys Mud

Ahhh, the adventure of being a mom to boys! Sometimes they create the biggest messes that the only thing you can do is pick a camera and laugh!

Last week I told you about our mole problem in the garden. Our dog Clemens has been on the case trying to catch these pests. He has actually killed two moles since last week. Clemens left a big hole next to the garden and the boys decided to continue digging.

B Mud Hands

Of course the digging boring after awhile. To continue the adventure, they turned on the hose to make a mud hole!

Boys in Mud

Both boys completely covered in mud! I don’t know why people pay big bucks for mud treatments. They could just come to our house and my boys would show you how it’s done!

M Mud

Of course you would end up with mud in your hair too!

Hubby sprayed the boys down with the garden hose before they were allowed in the house. We are on a well so the water is really cold! But that’s what you get when you play in a mud hole!

What adventures have your kiddos been on this week?

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  1. Looks like they had tons of fun!!!