Melted Crayon Art Project

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Renae Crayon Art

Last weekend we did an art project with melted crayons on canvas boards. My sister gave me the idea earlier this summer and we decided to do this project as part of Capt. M’s birthday party. This art project was a huge hit with the kids and adults!

Supplies Needed:

Art Canvas
Glue Gun
Hair Dryer

B Crayon Art

The kids colored on the canvas first and then we hot glued the crayons to the canvas.

Crayon Art

I decided to start with a blank canvas and just hot glued the crayons to the board.

Use Dryer on Crayons

Once you have the crayons glued on, take a hair dryer set to hot and start blowing the air over the crayons. The crayons will start melting. Use the blow dryer air to move the melted crayon around the canvas. You will want to do the blow drying part outside as melted crayon does splatter.

Melted Crayon B

Once you are happy with your design, let the crayon dry!

Kids Melted Crayon Art

The kids glued their crayons randomly on the canvas. I do think it works best to have the crayon tips pointed down.

Hubby Crayon Art

Or you could take hubby’s approach! He didn’t glue any crayons to the canvas. He unwrapped the crayon and held it in his hand. Once the crayon started to melt from the blow dryer heat, he let the wax drip on the canvas. He then used the blow dryer on the canvas to blow the melted wax around. It looks really cool!

Look for the canvas boards to go on sale at your local craft store. I stocked up last year at Michael’s when they were buy one get one free.


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