MyLowes: Keep Track of Purchases & Manage Your Home

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We shop at Lowes pretty regularly since it is the closest large hardware store. Lowes has a new program out called MyLowes. What I love about this FREE program is that you can now keep track of in-store purchases online. I can’t tell you how many times we have needed to return something and had to hunt for the receipt!

With MyLowes you can request a store card for your key chain. Just swipe when you are checking out at the store and the purchase history will appear online in your MyLowes account. Plus you can keep track of rebates, set reminders for items you purchase frequently and create folders for ideas. I think the folders would be really useful for a big project! Just add items you like for future use and MyLowes will keep track of everything for you!

Signup for a FREE MyLowes account HERE.

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  1. I was in the store 2 days ago and when I used my Lowes card,to keep track of things,it did not take it? The girl at store said to go on line to check it out. Well I can’t figure it out? The card was working fine! Now all of a sudden it doesn’t? Please contact me to let me know what I should do or how someone in the store can help me. Thank you Chris Kehler

  2. I have been swiping my lowes card for every purchase and now that am trying to get a record of my purchases it will not let me get on the online records .Went to the store and they have no record of it. so how does that work , either somebody is not doing their job or no one is trained to know how that card works, in other words the my lowes card is of no use ?

  3. Mary Loner says:

    I am trying to track a purchase of a Juniper evergreen which did not survive and I’m trying to retrieve the receipt. The purchase was made in 2014. My Lowe’s card # is81924156515306. Thank you for any help you can provide.

  4. Eddie Lee says:

    Tried to look up a purchase I made but can not get to MyLowes Account.

  5. I bought a troy built riding lawn mower a year ago I can’t find my receipt for this item
    the 2 lowes stores I went to stated they could not do this.I used my visa card to pay for this item

  6. Beverly Lewis says:

    The cashier made an $8.00 mistake on my bill 2 days ago, I called and said just bring my receipt back, I do not have my receipt. The cashier took MyLowes card to check it and it’s not working. What can I do, I thought that is what the card was for. I don’t want to pay for 2 when I only bought 1.

  7. Bruce Keffler says:

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  8. I don’t have tracking number form lowes,how I can get tracking ,

  9. nice post