Try Something New: Balsamic Vinegar with Honey

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Balsamic vinegar is popular all around the world. It has become a staple in many American kitchens since popular gourmet chefs have introduced it many dishes online, in magazines/cookbooks, on television, and/or at select upscale restaurants. Italians and Greeks have enjoyed balsamic vinegar for years——and this summer as I (Litsa) visited my family home in the mountains in Greece, a friend asked me if I had tried balsamic with honey. I had not but I love the flavors that balsamic vinegar evokes on my green salads. The taste-buds dance at the mention of this salad dressing when it is paired with olive oil.

What is balsamic vinegar? Balsamic vinegar is considered a wine vinegar but it is not a wine vinegar; it is made from grape pressings that have not been allowed to ferment in to wine. Now add honey to those grape pressings—–and you have our Try Something New spotlight, Balsamic Vinegar with Honey. It is a must try for your favorite green summer salads.

This summer salad (below) is doused with a thicker balsamic vinegar that paired well with this pomegranate, tomato, green salad that was topped with cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. When you’re out shopping for balsamic vinegars to try, read the labels and look for what might suit your recipe needs.

salad with balsamicSauteing mushrooms in balsamic vinegar infused with pomegranate juice is decadent too. If you want to experiment with various balsamic dressings at home buy Balsamic De Modena (an Italian balsamic dressing that’s superb) and add your favorite juice flavors to it and/or your favorite honey to the deep, dark vinegar. Add the homemade dressings to your favorite greens and top your salads with fresh fruit. The sweetness of your fruits will be the highlight of your salad with a sprinkle of balsamic—and if you recreate or find Balsamic with Honey, your salad may even taste like dessert!

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