Try Something New: Donut Nectarines

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donut nectarines

When traveling this summer, make sure to try out local produce. You never know what new varieties of fruit and vegetables that you will find. Last summer while we were traveling in Cyprus, I (Litsa) had the luxury of trying a donut nectarine. A fruit that just looks like a donut—-I was in for tasting it! The squashy looking nectarine varieties were in season in Cyprus the entire ten days we were there visiting so we kept returning to the open farmer’s market for more.

Donut nectarines are a mutation of the popular donut peach! It’s a flattened peach with a depression in the middle which evokes a donut hole image.

After tasting the donut nectarines, I’d agree that the fruit tastes exactly like regular nectarines—–a crunchy, sweet tasting fruit. These unique fruits “are considered more of a novelty in looks than in flavor.” Donut nectarines are indeed that—-a conversation piece.

Who wouldn’t want a few fruits that resemble donuts in their summer stash of fruits? Look for them in specialty supermarkets and/or farmer’s markets. The luxury of trying something new always sparks a new interest of interacting with the world around us.

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