Online Coupons & Internet Scams

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You know the old saying “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is”? That same concept applies to online coupons and offers. I see growing trend of “coupons” circulating from big retailers. Target, Kohl’s and Wegman’s are just some of the stores that I have seen fake coupons for.

Most of these coupons are distributed via facebook. They are not from the retailer that is being advertised but from an internet troll. The bad guys want you to click those links and agree to allow the app to access your information. Then the information is used to steal your information, hack your account or deliver a lovely virus to your computer.

Please take steps to protect yourself when roaming the internets. If an offer seems out of the ordinary, it probably is not from the retailer. Remember the retailer is out to make money – they aren’t going to be giving away $200 off coupons! If in doubt, you can always check before clicking a link.


While visiting to seek information for this post, I saw two facebook schemes on the front page. The Southwest airline free ticket offer is a scam as well. I’ve seen my facebook friends post about this contest over the weekend.

It is really sad that we are getting bombarded with these scams!

Make sure you read my previous post on 6 Steps for Secure Online Shopping. Although online shopping is popular, you need to take measures to protect yourself!

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