Palm Tree Frond Masks

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Painted Masks

While on vacation in California we visited a friend who has palm trees in their yard. For every visitor he has to his house, a palm tree frond is painted! He then hangs them on the fence surrounding the yard. I thought this was a great idea and a fun craft for the kids.

M Painting

The first step was to spray paint a base coat on the palm tree fronds. Capt. M got really into the spray painting and went with multiple colors!

B Painting

Then we used acrylic paint to paint faces or abstract art. Both of my boys went the abstract route. I created a face with bright colors. Hubby on the other hand, displayed his art skills and came up with a shark!

Painted Palm Tree Masks

It was a lot of fun! The nice thing is this project doesn’t cost a lot of money. If you have palm trees around, let your kids get creative with a mask or abstract art!

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