Pinkalicious Pulp Plus Smoothie

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valentine smoothie

If you are a juicer, you know that there is a lot of juice pulp leftover after juicing. There is nothing wrong with the pulp and it can be purposed! I (Renae) use the vegetable pulp for soups or give the pulp to the chickens. Litsa just came up with a great idea to make smoothies with frozen fruit pulp!

Valentine Smoothie2

Freeze the fruit pulp after you are done juicing. You can freeze it into the correct portions for a smoothie. Litsa came up with this Valentine’s Day Smoothie for he little girl! Here is what the Pinkalicious Pulp Plus Smoothie has in it:

Pulp from strawberries, mango, & kiwi (frozen)
Whey protein
Greek yogurt
Pineapple (flash frozen)
Peaches (flash frozen)

Mix all of the ingredients in a blender and serve! For Valentine’s Day, add a few candy hearts for fun!

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