Play the Numbers Game

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A few weeks ago, we shared with you Small Changes, Big Savings. One of the savings tips was: “Play the Numbers Game”—-and I have done just that this past month!

When my daughter (Litsa’s) was born in 2008, I opened up an Edward Jones account for her that would accumulate money for her college days but I can’t guarantee that she’ll choose my course of study for her. Thus, I selected a custodial account for her that would allow me to use the money to fund any of her endeavors in her future! My goal in the beginning was to put $10 a week in her account. As we moved days, weeks, months away from my teacher salary, I had to stop this savings goal. I can’t even tell you where the $10 a week went but it did (baby food, diapers, groceries, gas——now preschool and more). However, I need to refocus my saving goals for her. Thus, I’m playing the “Numbers Game” with her in mind this year.

In eleven years, my 4 ½ year old will be sixteen! Thus, each month of 2013, I have opted to SAVE $11 (in addition to anything else that may be added to her savings from our family budget) a month to add to her Edward Jones account. We’ll need that $11 a month in eleven years for her first car! It’s a small change but it will make a BIG difference in our savings down the road——–and in our future purchase!

If you’ll do the math: In 12 months, I’ll have saved $132 for her first car. In eleven years, I’ll have saved $1452.00 that will help purchase it. And this is without interest and any changes to my savings plan while I play the Numbers Game. When our budget allows, I can choose a different money figure to add towards her Edward Jones/Car Fund. Until then, my small change will equal big savings!

Are you playing the Numbers Game?

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