Refreshing Homemade Watermelon Juice

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Watermelon juice 2
It’s the end of watermelon season but the perfect season for fresh sweet, watermelon juice! Just when we think that summer as closing its doors in West Tennessee, we are surrounded by a heat wave! Humid, hot weather like this calls for chilled watermelon juice.


The last two Saturday’s my daughter (six years old) has been able to purchase $0.50 watermelons at the local Farmer’s Market. We’ve used the melons to juice. The first watermelon was massive. I took time to remove its large black seeds prior to juicing. The second watermelon wasn’t as big. It was the size of a soccer ball with small black seeds. Thus, when I sliced it for juicing (removed the rind), I opted to keep the seeds in tact to juice. None of the seeds made their way into my fresh juice. The large watermelon made 2.5 quarts and the small (ball) watermelon made three pint jars of watermelon juice.

watermelon juice

Watermelon juice is perfect alone. I like mine chilled and infused with added ice cubes. When juicing watermelon, you can add lime or lemons to it to cut out the sweet, sweetness of it——or just enjoy it alone as you’d savor the last summer days under the sun…….toes dipped in the pool, out on the lake one last time, etc.

Savory sweet watermelon juice—-give it a try on these last summer weeks!

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