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Are you a frequent Kroger shopper?  I (Litsa) confess, I AM! Although Wal-Mart is right across the street, I’m always pulling into Kroger! They have attracted my business by the multitudes for the last four years! I especially love the MEGA Events! It’s a great time to save money! If my coupons in my binder or those that appear on pair up with the sale items in the Mega Event, I save 50% or more at these stockpile grocery runs!

This week, I’ll enjoy stockpiling several items that are listed in the MEGA Event! However, I have shopped at Kroger during their Mega Event and failed to walk out with the right amount of items! This week, the sale entails: buy 10 participating items to save $5 instantly at checkout!

You’d think counting items would be easy! I often tell my toddler—point to the item with your finger and count it, then move your finger to the next item to count it. Counting to ten is a task that my four year old can master as she counts objects. Thus, I should be able to do the same! Somehow though my colorful groceries conglomerate and become one BIG grocery pile as I turn corners and browse aisle after aisle! Thus, I vow to eventually pick up some of these colorful, round stickers that will help me “count and stick” to the appropriate number of items I need to SAVE money instantly at checkout!

My “Count & Stick” initiative may even welcome my toddler’s attention while we shop Kroger’s Mega Event together. You can borrow it too——only if you need help counting to ten too! I might even share that two weeks ago, I couldn’t even count to five without my toddler’s presence! I selected five items (so I thought) to get the instant P&G savings at the register! I made it to my truck to find the savings missing! I point and count——only four items! I ran back inside to the customer service desk! Yes! They should know me by my first name by now! I asked if I could PLEASE pick up one more bottle of TIDE to get my $4 savings! Of course, they allowed me that little luxury (I couldn’t count. They felt sorry for me!). Ha! They even went above my expectations; Kroger’s customer service employee, gave me the instant savings for the P&G products after I bought the 5th P&G product and they deducted my coupon for the Tide at the same time! Woo Hoo! $5 more in my pocket! I used it to practice counting!

Don’t get caught getting less for your money when you grocery shop! If you need to come up with your own games to help you save, do so today! Or steal my Count & Stick program! I also encourage you to ASK for assistance when you need it! That’s why customer service is there! They want you to return there to shop time and time again!

Count & Stick: Take in only the amount of stickers you need for your savings to add up! 10 for 10 participating items or 5 for 5 participating items–when you have stuck the sticker on the item in your grocery cart, you’ll know you have one of ___# needed to save more at the particular sale!

Budget money aside for Mega Event Sales at Kroger!

If you don’t have a Kroger, check with the grocery store you shop at for markdowns and their coupon policy—and ways you can save there!

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  1. I am trying to get back into couponing. Your blog has been helpful. I can’t remember with these Mega Events. Does $5 come off at every 10 you buy or do you only get that once?


    • Hi Bethany,
      Yes, $5 comes off automatically at checkout for every 10 participating items you buy. Sometimes there is a limit- like 40 items. But I don’t think there is a limit for this mega event. Good luck and let me know if you have further questions!