Tips For Making Strawberry Jam

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Last weekend we went strawberry picking. I love to make strawberry jam! It is fairly easy- I just follow the directions on the Ball Fruit Pectin package. I do have a few tips for you if you are just getting started with jam making!

Preparing Fruit for Canning

Tips for Preparing the Fruit:

  • Set up several bowls- one with washed berries, one for the strawberry tops (good for Chickens or compost) and one for crushing the berries.
  • Set up your fruit preparation station in an area with a chair. Canning takes time and your feet will be tired by the end of the day if you don’t sit some!
  • Have plenty of towels on hand. Fruit is juicy and messy. Have towels ready to clean up juice and dry your hands occasionally.
  • Keep lemon juice on hand. Lemon juice helps preserve the fruit. It is not as important for strawberries since they don’t brown like apples and peaches.

Boys Helping With Jam

Find helpers! My boys love to help in the kitchen. Crushing strawberries was fun for them and helpful for me.

Tips for Preparing Jars:

  • Make sure your jars are washed in hot soapy water. You want to make sure your jars are ready before you begin making the jam.
  • I boil my jars to sterilize them in the water bath canner. I just place the jars in the canner as the water is heating up for the canning process. Pull them out just before the jam is done cooking. You want the jars to stay hot before you pour the jam into them.

Have you canned jam before? If you don’t like canning, try freezer jam! Homemade jam is the best!

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  1. I love canning! I don’t see the point in making freezer jam, it just takes up so much space. What else do you can?

    • Hi Kate,
      I can applesauce, blueberry jam, peaches, salsa, cherry jam and pickles. I want to learn how to use a pressure canner so I can do more things! It is on my to do list! Do you just water bath can or do you have a pressure canner?

  2. We have a pressure canner, we bought it when my son was born as we grew squash for him to eat and it needed to be pressure canned. Since then we’ve done venison, green beans, beets, squash and chicken stock in the pressure canner. Maybe some different things? We make a bunch of different canned goods. I love canning! It’s such security.


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