A Tomato Juice Energy Boost

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tomato juice

During canning season, I spent hours draining fresh tomatoes for canning homemade salsa. I (Litsa) am familiar with the many benefits of fresh tomatoes. I double dosed my canning energy by catching some of that juice from the fresh, garden tomatoes to can tomato juice. However, I was forced to allow most of that tomato juice to drain down into my pipes because I didn’t have enough ball jars to catch ALL the juice of the hundreds of tomatoes that I was working with this past season.


Tomato juice is a hearty fresh juice that you can enjoy any season. Oxygen (October 2015 issue) magazine recently reported that, “According to a study published in Nutrition Journal, you can accomplish this by drinking approximately 6.7 ounces of tomato juice twice a week. Of course, researchers suggest, the juice must be sodium-free for this to work. And there should be no added sugars to your drink either. Researchers also observed that the drinks appeared to reduce anxiety and lower elevated triglycerides.”

By improving your body’s function to increase resting energy expenditure, you’re forcing your body to burn extra calories when you are at rest—sitting still!?! How about that? I think I’ll be on a personal mission to make sure that I have many EXTRA ball jars to house my fresh tomato’s juice in during my next canning season (although it’s not loaded in sodium like canned tomato juice is, my recipe calls for a tad of sugar and salt but I get to control it or leave it out completely)!

Do you enjoy fresh tomato juice?

Credit to Oxygen Magazine for this Fat Loss News Tip


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