Which Stores Sell Pink Slime Ground Beef?

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Our food supply is worrisome. There doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by without a news report of contaminated food or food containing some sort of additive. Many news channels have been reporting on the use of pink slime in ground beef. I remember hearing about pink slime last year when it was reported that some fast food chains were using it. Now it seems that some grocery stores are adding pink slime to the ground beef we buy.

So what is pink slime?

According to ABC News, “The “pink slime” is made by gathering waste trimmings, simmering them at low heat so the fat separates easily from the muscle, and spinning the trimmings using a centrifuge to complete the separation. Next, the mixture is sent through pipes where it is sprayed with ammonia gas to kill bacteria. The process is completed by packaging the meat into bricks. Then, it is frozen and shipped to grocery stores and meat packers, where it is added to most ground beef.”

It sounds pretty gross, although it is approved by the USDA as edible. We have been using ground turkey recently- although it makes me wonder if turkey goes through the same process.

Hubby and I have been considering buying a side of beef from a local farmer. Even if the pink slime is not harmful, I still like to know what is in our meat!

I am sure many of you are curious if your grocery store sells ground beef containing pink slime. Since this story first aired, most grocery stores have stopped using pink slime in their ground beef. The list of grocery stores that sold pink slime ground beef that was previously available, is now outdated and no longer available.

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  1. the link ” stores that sell green slime beef takes me to radio shack ad
    stores that sell pink slime ground beef.

    • Hi Lewis,
      So sorry about the inconvenience. My friend Ann that ran that story on her blog, had her site go down. The article is no longer available, as everything was deleted. I will update the post and take out that link.


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