Brotherly Love

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Brotherly Love

The new school year has started and we are all adjusting to our new schedule. Mr. B started kindergarten which is a huge milestone! He was very nervous about starting kindergarten since he is on the shy side. Big brother, Capt. M, assured me that he would walk Mr. B to his teacher each morning. He took his job seriously and reported that the school staff had him help other kindergarteners find their teachers.

Everything seemed to be going great. No tears for Mr. B while getting on the bus each morning. He also reported good days at school.

After the third day of school, Capt. M told us that Mr. B cried when he was dropped off at the classroom. Capt. M told me he said “I will see you in a little bit” as he walked away from a crying Mr. B. My heart sunk just a little at the thought of my little guy crying.

Then Capt. M told me “I started to cry a little bit too. I stopped by the time I got to my classroom though!”

I asked Capt. M why he was crying. He said “I didn’t want to leave Mr. B.”

The rest of my heart sunk.

My sweet boys! They have a such a precious bond; truly best friends. I am glad that Capt. M is there to help Mr. B with this transition to kindergarten. Hopefully, they will adjust quickly and the tears will stop!

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