Daddy Daycare: Alphabet Letters & Numbers

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Mr. B will be starting kindergarten in August 2013. He is currently in part time preschool. Knowing how demanding kindergarten is from Capt. M’s experience, we are taking extra steps to prepare Mr. B. Most of this duty falls on hubby since he is home with Mr. B.

I came home last week to find capital and lower case alphabet letters and numbers cut out. Hubby had re-purposed laminated paper from folders that were falling apart. If you wanted to recreate these, you could use construction paper or for sturdier letters use a laminating machine which are about $30.

Even though Mr. B’s preschool is going over this information, it is nice to reinforce it at home. Hubby will pull out 5 letters at random and have Mr. B identify the letter and then put them in alphabetical order. Of course he needs help with the alphabetical order- but it is good practice. They end up singing the ABC’s pretty often as he is sorting the letters!

Of course there are several other things that can be done with the letters and numbers as Mr. B gains recognition.

What are your favorite ways of teaching your children their letters and numbers?

Hubby is currently a stay at home dad to our two boys. Capt. M is 6 and in 1st grade and Mr. B is 4 and loves staying home with daddy all day. Join us as we chronicle our journey adjusting to daddy daycare.

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  1. My daughter would also be starting kindergarten in August 2013…IF she had been born 12 days earlier than she was. :-/

    Anyway, what has helped her are several things… – L.O.V.E. this! I have an old laptop wiped and have the link to this site set up inside of the KidSurf browser

    PBS – She loves watching Word World, Sesame Street, and Super Why

    Dollar Tree foam letters – I have these (upper and lower case) in a Dollar Tree pocket chart stuck magnetically to our front door. She’ll point out letters she’s learned.

    She’s naturally curious and will ask while we’re out what a letter is if she doesn’t recognize it. She blew me away one day when she could read almost all of the letters in the Dollar Tree sign. Same for Hobby Lobby. Now if she sees letters on my t-shirt, she reads them to me and asks me about any she doesn’t know.

    All in all, I think just giving them the “tools” and sparking interest and letting them run with it is what has worked best.