A Fitness Journal

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fit happensJournals have always captured my full attention. I love that they say write. Tell your story. In the midst of working out, finishing the end of school with my kindergartener (Litsa’s), I stumbled upon, a fitness journal: fit happens.

It does happen.

One has to set forth the motion.

Set aside the time.

Make changes.

Monitor and adjust.

workout….and my fit isn’t your fit or anyone else’s fit…just like any of our life stories. They are ours alone. No one can mimic them no matter how hard they try. If we all kept these fitness journals and compared them, they’d all be different. My fitness journal skips pages because life gets busy. Sometimes the two page layout for one day becomes fitness notes for one week or sometimes just two days. When I’m on the phone and/or in carpool line, I doodle. I let magazine cutouts that inspire me become part of my “fit happens” book.

The pages capture images and works—water intake tally marks or coffee intake tally marks. Juice plus color coded vitamins that I take–or note a smoothie that was decadent. My fit journals capture some chores because cleaning house keeps me fit too.

My fitness journal encourages me———and my daughter who loves to share pages with me. It teaches her to document her life, reflect on what eating/exercising does for her body, share time with the one she loves & ideas with me——–and it’s another form of reading/writing wedged into our busy lives.

fitness and cakeFitness reflections really do encourage me—–and they will you too—-they show me how far I’ve come and remind me of what I once did and/or wanted to do. You might prefer a spreadsheet or a calendar or both—and maybe just want to try a fitness journal. This particular one was found at Target, but you can recreate one at home too. It’s just a journal of what I love to do that keeps me FIT…..and sometimes that’s just jotting down how busy I make myself!

FIT happens.

How will/does FIT fit into your life?

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Litsa is a stay at home mom to a beautiful little girl. She is a native of Greece and now resides in Tennessee. As a former teacher, Litsa wears many hats that it takes to make a home a functioning home!

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  1. I’ve never thought about keeping a fitness journal, but what a great idea! I love it as a way to keep track, motivate, inspire, and simply remind me to work fitness into my daily life.
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  2. I think a fitness journal would be a really great way for me to keep myself accountable. For a while I was sort of using my Instagram account for that… and now that I’m trying to reduce my social media time, I haven’t been logging my runs. And now I’ve stopped running. Gah! Maybe this is just what I need.