How to Freeze Green Beans

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freeze green beans 2

Preserving produce for winter has become a regular weekend chore during the summer months. Our neighbor once again blessed us with his over productive harvest and shared fresh green beans. A couple of years ago, I canned green beans. Since I had limited time this year, I decided to freeze the green beans. While the canned green beans will keep longer, it is a longer process than freezing.

green beans

The first step in freezing green beans is to wash and de-stem the beans. I then snap them into 2-3″ pieces.

boil beans

Green beans should be blanched before freezing. To blanch green beans bring a pot of water to a boil. Add green beans and boil for three minutes.

ice water

Immediately remove the green beans from the hot water and submerge in ice water. The ice water will stop the cooking process. To help with this process, I blanch the green beans in a colander and then take the colander to submerge in the ice bath. It saves time doing it this way!

blanched beans

Notice that the blanched green beans are a bright green color. They also taste really good!

Once the green beans are cooled, divide them into vacuum seal pouches. I use a FoodSaver to seal my bags. This year I used the seal ‘n steam bags which will make it super convenient to cook the frozen beans.

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