How to Pit Clingstone Peaches

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Last weekend I bought a peck of Baby Gold Peaches from Fruit Hill Orchard. These are clingstone peaches and perfect fro canning. They hold their shape well and don’t seem to turn brown as quickly as freestone peaches. When I was picking up my peaches, the owner showed me a great tip on how to easy pit a clingstone peach. This made our canning process so much easier so I thought i would share with all of you.

First you want to cut the peach in the opposite direction than you normally do.  Cut across the middle of the peach all the way around.

Then you want to put your hand on each side of the peach and twist in opposite directions. One side of the peach will easily pop off the pit.

For the other side, we cut along the seed from top to bottom. Then you twist once again. The pit will remain in the last quarter and then you can easily pop it out.

This technique worked very well for us. Hubby became the expert pitter and could put several peaches within a few minutes. We hope this technique will work for you too!

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  1. OMG! All these years I have been struggling with cling peaches. Thank you, thank you so much for posting this.

  2. Thank you for the tip. I was holding off on picking peaches until freestone were available, now I don’t have to wait. We live down the road from Fruit Hill Orchard.

  3. If I wanted them skinned, can you do that first with blanching? Or would that make it too hard to twist to get the pit out?

  4. Will definitely try this. I have struggled for years always ending up with mush. freestones are harder to come by.