Life With Boys: Pile of Leaves

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Autumn Leaves

Last weekend the autumn leaves were spectacular. The oranges, reds and yellows just popped against the blue sky. It was breathtaking! Unfortunately the changing leaves indicates that they will soon fall; leaving a mess to cleanup. Leaf cleanup is always a hassle for the adults, but the boys love this activity!

Boys Leaves

The boys were out in the yard playing when they got an idea to make a leaf pile. They found the rakes themselves and started making a leaf pile. Hubby got the leaf blower out to assist their effort.

M leaves

They eventually had a mega leaf pile ready for jumping and hiding!

Superman Leaves

And of course Superman leaps!

Although this is a chore we dread, take sometime to play in the leaves with the children! It’s a great time full of belly laughs that they will remember forever.


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  1. Looks fun! Ahhh to be a kid again!