Life With Boys: Sense of Style

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Mr. B’s sense of style gives hubby and I plenty of laughs! And I am sure these pictures will bring a smile to your face too!

The other night Mr. B (age 4) was brushing his teeth. Hubby runs to the living room to grab the camera. I thought that was odd but kept on with my business. Hubby returns and says “take a look at your son brushing his teeth.”

Yes he was sporting swim goggles, winter gloves, a wrist band and Star Wars pajamas. Now I have no idea where the swim goggles came from since it had been frigid here- last week we had several days in a row below freezing as a high! But I guess he is wishing for warm swimming weather!

Ahhh, to be carefree and have no concern about what other people think. To dress how you wish and be silly too. It’s good to be 4!

Never a dull moment when it comes to life with boys!

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